There WILL be a Goat in 2022

The 2021 Goat Tongariro was a major success on the main course and once again, “There Will Be A Goat” in 2022!

Will it be:
– the Real Deal Goat Tongariro Course,
– a Modified Goat Course,
– or a Virtual Goat?
No one on planet earth knows the answer to this question, and while we hope for the best we plan for EVERYTHING:

1. The Real Deal Goat Tongariro Course

A repeat of 2021 is ordered – bring it on!

NOTE: Should Covid-19 throw a wobbly, the Real Deal Goat Tongariro Course will be available to entrants from Alert Level 1 regions, providing the Ruapehu Region is also in Alert Level 1. 



2. The Modified Goat

Scenarios like severe weather warnings, Covid-19 restrictions, road closures etc may modify/delay/shorten/re-route, or stop some aspects of the planned event for some entrants.

The modified Goat may involve one of our contingency courses, and/or other health and safety measures. The Goat team will look after all the detail and clearly communicate with you – just come and enjoy yourself! In these scenarios, there will still be a Goat event in the stunning Tongariro National Park.

3. The Virtual Goat

If there cannot be a physical Goat event held in the stunning National Park OR if you cannot attend the Goat event, (due to being from a region that is not able to attend events due to being at an Alert Level 2 setting for Covid-19), then the Virtual Goat event option will apply.


A Virtual Goat would look like this:
– Start your adventure as early as needed in order to finish your Virtual Goat Run by 2.00pm (the ideal run is approx 20km and has approx 1000m of vertical climbing).  Yes, some will have to get very creative!
– Give us a ‘run down’ 3.00pm (if a Virtual Goat is called for, we will communicate everything with you in race week)
– Get into your after-party get-up!
– View the live prizegiving held at 5.00pm.
– The same pool of prizes will be awarded to entrants but in a different way (i.e. more prizes for the most stunning run options, the most creative run options, the longest run, the best on-course selfie photos as selected by Photos4Sale, highest elevation stats run, the run that most closely matches the Goat Run profile, prizes for dress-ups, great Goat banter, etc. It will be a full Goat-style prizegiving, and post-prizegiving you can continue to interact with your Goat friends online as the night progresses.

– Post-event, sit by your post box! Your Goat medal will arrive complete with your Goat BUFF. Oh, and if you’ve won a Goat spot prize it will arrive at the same time too!
– P.S If we need to switch your entry into the Virtual Goat prior to 11.59pm on Tuesday of race week, both your bus and dinner tickets are 100% refundable.
– If we need to switch your entry into the Virtual Goat at any stage leading up to the event, you will receive a partial event credit and priority entry into the 2023 Goat Tongariro event!


All entry questions to