Get your entry in!

Online Event Entry – SOLD OUT.
Yo Herd! Online entries for the 2017 event SOLD OUT on opening day. There will be no further release of entries available.  We are sorry if you missed your place on the start line for 2017. Our 15th anniversary event will take place next year on Saturday 1st December 2018 and entries will go on sale 9.00am July 1st, 2018 for that event.

After crossing the finish line at Turoa, each participant will receive:

  • R-Line electrolyte drink, Tongariro Water and Bananas.
  • A cool, 330ml serve of refreshing Lakeman Brewing Company beer – served straight from the Lakeman Kegs!
  • Premium game gourmet goat sausage in freshly baked bread roll with condiments.
  • An official time placing as allocated in the events results to be published on the official goat website
  • Special edition finishers certificate downloadable from the Goat website

Event Pricing and Cancellation Policy 2017

2017 Goat Tongariro Event Pricing:

All prices incl. GST

The Original Goat Individual Entry.
Entry to The Original Goat Tongariro (20km) – $159.00

Please note: The Original Goat Tongariro Individual Entry does not include event transport which needs to be booked separately (if required). Your options are detailed below.

  1. RETURN BUS. Powderhorn, Ohakune to the very top of Bruce Road, Iwikau, Whakapapa (Start) & then Turoa (Finish) to Powderhorn, Ohakune. $35.00
  2. PRE EVENT BUS ONLY. Powderhorn, Ohakune to the very top of Bruce Road, Iwikau, Whakapapa (Start) $30.00
  3. POST EVENT BUS ONLY. Turoa (Finish) to Powderhorn, Ohakune $20.00
  4. POST EVENT BUS ONLY. Turoa (Finish) to the very top of Bruce Road, Iwikau, Whakapapa (Start) $35.00

The 2017 Refund and Cancellation Policy:

Please see here for full details. Goat Tongariro Refund Policy 2017 – FINAL

Goat age categories:

Note: All categories determined by the age of a competitor on the day of the event.

  • Young Goat Men (Under 23 years)
  • Young Goat Women (Under 23 years)
  • Open Goat Men (under 40 years)
  • Open Goat Women (under 40 years)
  • Masters Goat Men (40 years plus)
  • Masters Goat Women (40 years plus)
  • Older Goat Men (50 years plus)
  • Older Goat Women (50 years plus)
  • Oldest Goat Men (60 years plus)
  • Oldest Goat Women (60 years plus)
  • Individual winners will receive the merit prize in the category they enter. All entrants are eligible for the first three overall in men and women.

Organisers can be contacted at:
Victory Events, 41 Simmonds Cres, Springfield, Rotorua, 3015, New Zealand.