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19 Feb-21 https://mailchi.mp/victoryevents/goat21yourwaves
18 Feb-21 https://mailchi.mp/victoryevents/goat21covid-19update1
12 Feb-21https://mailchi.mp/victoryevents/goat21iscoming

Sorry, All 2021 Entries Are Sold Out.

The entry link was https://eventplus.net/GOT21

Active Link To Purchase Bus or Dinner Ticket for 2021 Entrants

The store link to secure bus or dinner tickets is https://eventplus.net/shop?eporg=GOT21 will remain open until Sunday 21st February at 11.59pm (NOW EXTENDED until 23rd February at 11.59pm), so please organise yourself in advance of this date and avoid disappointment. (see The Goat page for detailed Bus and Dinner Ticket info)

2021 Refund/Transfer Policy plus Force Majeure/Cancellation Policy.

We understand that your personal circumstances may change after entering so please read the following document in full PRIOR TO ENTERING GoatTongariroRefundTransferForceMajeurePolicy-2021-FINAL


All entry questions to entries@thegoat.co.nz 

There Will Be,
There Will Be,
There Will Be A Goat.

Please be aware on Saturday 27th February, 2021 there will be a Goat Tongariro event.  Will it be the Real Deal Goat Tongariro Course, the Modified/Damascus Goat or the Virtual Goat?  No-one on planet earth knows the answer to the above question, and while we hope for the best we plan for EVERYTHING. See below for how Saturday 27th February may look.

1. The Real Deal Goat Tongariro Course
COVID-19 Update. The Real Deal Tongariro course applies to entrants from Alert Level 1 regions, providing the region/s the event is held in, is also in Alert Level 1. 

The Goat Tongariro on Saturday 27th February, 2021 as you might expect. Ahhhhhhh bliss. Yes please. Bring it on.

2. The Modified/Damascus Goat
Scenarios like severe weather warnings (highly unlikely in late Feb), Covid-19 restrictions, road closures etc etc may modify, delay, shorten, re-route or stop some aspects of the planned Event on Saturday 27th February, 2021. This modified Goat may involve smaller start waves, a kick arse contingency course, alternate start/finish areas, earlier start times, and other health and safety measures. The Goat team will look after all the detail & clearly communicate that detail to you – you just come and enjoy yourself! In these scenarios there will be a Goat event in the stunning Tongariro National Park – it might just look the Damascus Goat below.

3. The Virtual Goat
COVID-19 Update. The Virtual Goat applies to entrants from Alert Level 2 regions.  It would also apply to all entrants, should the region/s in which the event is held in be in Alert Level 2. 
If there cannot be a Goat event held in the stunning National Park on Saturday 27th February, 2021 OR if you cannot attend the Goat event, due to being from a region that is not currently able to attend events which do not meet the requirements for gatherings at Alert Level 2 there will be a Virtual Goat event held instead. 

Here’s the skinny of what a Virtual Goat event would look like.
– Start your adventure as early as needed in order to finish your Virtual Goat Run by 2.00pm (the ideal run is approx 20km and has approx 1000m of vertical climbing as that’s what you’ve trained for).  Yes, some will have to get very creative!
– Shower up and jump into the private 2021 Goat Entrants Facebook Group. – Fire us your run details by 3.00pm (if we need to switch your entry into the Virtual Goat you will recieve an email from us in race week will all the details and a link to the Facebook Group)
– Get into your after party get-up!
– View the live prizegiving held at 5.00pm.
– The exact same pool of prizes will be awarded to entrants but in a different way (more prizes for the most stunning run options, the most creative run options, the longest run, the best on course selfie photos as selected by Photos4Sale, highest elevation stats run, the run that most closely matches the Goat Run profile, prizes for dress ups, great Goat banter etc etc. It will be a full Goat style prizegiving, and post prizegiving you can continue to interact with your Goat friends online as the night progresses.
– Post-event sit by your post box! Your Goat medal will arrive complete with your Goat BUFF. Oh and if you’ve won a Goat spot prize it will arrive at the same time too!
– P.S If we need to switch your entry into the Virtual Goat prior to 11.59pm on Tuesday 23rd February, both your bus and dinner tickets are 100% refundable.
– If we need to switch your entry into the Virtual Goat at any stage leading up to the event, you will receive a partial event credit and priority entry into the 2022 Goat Tongariro event!

Goat Tongariro Age Categories. 

– Youngest Goat Men (Under 23 years)
– Youngest Goat Women (Under 23 years)
– Open Goat Men (23-39 years)
– Open Goat Women (23-39 years)
– Wicked Goat Men (40 years plus)
– Wicked Goat Women (40 years plus)
– Nifty Goat Men (50 years plus)
– Nifty Goat Women (50 years plus)
– Goat Legends Men (60 years plus)
– Goat Legends Women (60 years plus)
(Note: All categories determined by the age of a competitor on the day of the event.)


A Recap on the SOLD OUT 2021 Entry Options.

Goat Tongariro Standard Entry SOLD OUT
$195 including GST

Goat Tongariro Standard Entry Includes:
– FREE personal digital event photos from out on the Goat Tongariro course and at the finish taken by our professional event photographers!
– Limited edition Goat BUFF.
– Limited edition Goat finisher medal.
– Goat treats at the finish. Gourmet Goat barbequed sausage & Goat beer or cider (note: gluten free, vegetarian and non-alcoholic drink options available) plus a range of snacks and electrolytes in the Goat recovery area.
– 17th anniversary souvenir event number (customised with name & dedicated event wave).
– FREE entry to the legendary Goat After Party on Saturday night with live entertainment.

The Powderhorn Chateau Accommodation Packages  SOLD OUT
$693 – 1 Goat Tongariro Standard Entry plus 2 nights accommodation (one room for one or two people**) at Goat Central – the Powderhorn Chateau.


$888 – 2 Goat Tongariro Standard Entries plus 2 nights accommodation (one room for one or two people**) at Goat Central – the Powderhorn Chateau.

Both Powderhorn Chateau Accommodation Packages Include:

– Breakfast each morning (continental and cooked with filter coffee and a selection of teas and juice).

Bonus! Bonus! Bonus!  Each Goat Tongariro Standard Entry Associated With The Package Receives:
– Complimentary house beverage from the Powderkeg. 
– Complimentary Goat training cap valued at $RRP40.00 each.

** Note Regarding A Third Person In Room:
There are limited triple rooms available.  If you’d like to have a third person in your room this can be arranged with the Powderhorn Chateau as available at an additional cost of $78.00 per night per room. 

After Your Package Purchase…
The GoatNZ crew will connect you via email with the Powderhorn Chateau front desk to lock in your exact room (Queen Bed/Double Pull Out Couche/Twin Room).  While these packages are a two night (Friday 26th and Saturday 27th February, 2021) minimum, additional nights can be booked and additional people placed in your room where availability exists. 

Specific Package Cancellation Policies
– Cancellation of accommodation component of package prior to 7 days of arrival refund will incur a 10% admin fee charge.
– Cancellation of accommodation component of package within 7 days of arrival. No refunds. Note: a one off date change for accommodation can be provided at no charge or if the accommodation can be on-sold, refund will incur a 10% admin fee charge.
– Complimentary inclusions will not be supplied if an accommodation package is cancelled.
– PLEASE NOTE: Cancellation of the entry component of the accommodation package will align with 2021 Goat entry refund policy. No transfers of entries.


All entry questions to entries@thegoat.co.nz