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Notes regarding event waves before firing any questions to us (pretty please)
1. We are humans using the historical data we have on record and data supplied to us by other humans (you!). Humans, as you know can make errors from time to time ;).  Most common errors are, for example, when an entrant places 140 into the data field that asked for their Half Marathon Time In MINUTES….. but as they didn’t read the question correctly and actually run a half marathon in approx 1hr 40mins (which is 100 mins), so they should have recorded 100.  In these scenerios we will make changes if we can for you.

2. First we use historical goat finish time data to allocate the most appropriate waves, then we factor in your comments left on the Event Plus registration system, and finally we use your estimated flat on road half marathon times (in minutes).

3.There are 18 different waves, and the strength of the field constantly alters the overall wave position you might be starting in from year on year.  If you’ve been in 2A every year, well this year the field might look a little different, hence you might be in 2B.  There is effectively no difference from the expected performance of someone in the “bottom of wave 3B” with someone in the “top of wave 4A” but the magical line must be drawn somewhere.

4 Remember the overall winning male and female of The Goat each year will be the first male and female across the finish line regardless of wave start.  If you believe you are a genuine contender to take line honors at the Goat Alpine Adventure Run we want to put you in Wave 1A so please contact

5. Age group placings/prizes are worked out on net time (the time you take to run from mat to mat) regardless of what wave you start in.

6. If you havent been allocated a wave yet, you will be one of the newer entries recieved. We will get to you.

Goat Age Groups

– Youngest Goat Men (Under 23 years)
– Youngest Goat Women (Under 23 years)
– Open Goat Men (23-39 years)
– Open Goat Women (23-39 years)
– Wicked Goat Men (40 years plus)
– Wicked Goat Women (40 years plus)
– Nifty Goat Men (50 years plus)
– Nifty Goat Women (50 years plus)
– Goat Legends Men (60 years plus)
– Goat Legends Women (60 years plus)
(Note: All categories determined by the age of a competitor on the day of the event. Competitors must be 16 years + on the day of the event).