Waves for 2018 are out and can be viewed via this link

5 things to note…
1. We are humans using the historical data we have on record and data supplied by other humans (you!). Humans as we know can make errors from time to time 😉
2. Historical goat finish time data is always used first to allocate the most appropriate waves. Where that doesn’t exist (in the case of Goat Newbies), your estimated flat on road half marathon times come into play.
3. If you’ve think your old mate Ken looks a little too high, young Jill looks a bit low, or you’re just feeling a bit miffed that you’ve “gone down a wave” please keep in mind that there are 900 humans to position across 18 different waves, different humans enter each year, and the strength of the field constantly alters the overall position each human might be starting from year on year. Also keep in mind there is effectively no difference from the expected performance of the “bottom of wave 2B” with the “top of wave 3A” but the magical line must be drawn somewhere. The waves help create the best possible start line and course experience for all involved.
4 If you believe you are a genuine contender to take line honours at the Goat Alpine Adventure Run or The Big Kid Adventure Run we want to put you in Wave 1A. Please contact luke at if you are not currently in Wave 1A.
5. If you have “more info needed” instead of a Wave number well you guessed it, we need more info still. Again please contact luke at

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