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Event Update, June 1, 2020
Next Event: Pencil in Saturday 20th February, 2021.

Bleatings You Good Goats 🐐
We trust that you’re all finding your Goat mojo again, running with freedom in your natural environment. Some grunty, gnarly technical never goes amiss either, it doesn’t goat any better! 😉 In the last couple of weeks we’ve been getting more and more enquiries about the status of this year’s event so here’s an update on our planning for the 17th Goat Tongariro event.

Pre COVID-19 we had been re-evaluating the traditional date that we have used for 16 years: the first weekend of December. This is due to challenges with adverse weather in the last two iterations of the event.

Whilst we fully understand that the event takes place in a changeable alpine environment, ultimately we are in the business of delivering sustainable, memorable event experiences for our ever-faithful Goats. There are more stable times for weather in the Tongariro National Park and alongside balancing the needs of event participants, staff, partners and the local community, weather has been our principal focus. In light of this, our preference is to move The Goat into the mid-to-late summer period for the future.

At this stage, we have earmarked Saturday 20 February 2021 as our next event date which will provide some other exciting opportunities surrounding the event. We are currently awaiting confirmation from the Department of Conservation that we are able to do this. We hope to provide a further update in mid-June. All going well we’d be looking to open entries in late August/early September.

So thanks for your continued interest and support of our quintessential kiwi trail running adventure events – never tamed!
We’ll be in touch again soon.
Jason & Luke 👍
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