Jacket Info

More information about the jacket required at The Goat Tongariro.

It is compulsory that your jacket must be:

  • A seam sealed weather barrier jacket that is wind and waterproof (that’s rainproof, not showerproof).  Your jacket must be suitable for outdoor mountain activities.  The jacket must be able to keep you warm and dry for long periods of time in adverse mountain conditions.

It is highly recommended (but NOT compulsory) that your seam sealed weather barrier jacket is also:

  • One with a high hydrostatic head rating.  For this event, it is highly recommended that your jacket can withstand 10,000mm of rain per square metre (that’s the benchmark in terms of rainproofing)Just so you know, the technical term for “waterproofing” is hydrostatic head. The exact specifications for quality jackets can be typically found online.
  • One with a high breathability rating. For this event, it is highly recommended that your jacket has a breathability rating of 17,000+.  Having a breathability rating this high helps you perspire properly so you can regulate your body temperature effectively, rather than creating soup inside your jacket! Again, the exact specifications for quality jackets can be typically found online.

Will your jacket pass the compulsory gear check?
If your jacket is a seam sealed weather barrier jacket suitable for outdoor mountain activities and not a lightweight showerproof jacket or poncho, generally speaking you should be ok. However if any member of our compulsory gear check team have concerns that your jacket appears to be well below the recommended standard or does not meet the compulsory standard then the Event Director and or the Course Director of the Goat Adventure Run team have the ability to decline this jacket meaning you cannot advance your pre-race registration process until the jacket issue is resolved. Please heed the above advice and avoid disappointment. If you are concerned, and you own a few jackets or have the ability to borrow additional jackets from friends / family members please come armed with 2-3 jackets to pre-race registration.

Self-responsibility. You and the mountain.  Why the focus on the jacket?
While the event has set a minimum compulsory standard for your safety and encouraged entrants to meet or exceed the highly recommended standard we encourage all participants to think seriously about personal responsibility in the great outdoors too.

If you’re ever in doubt with regards to your jacket, please picture this scenario for a minute:
– You’re loving running The Goat Tongariro (yeeeeeeehah, who wouldn’t!!!)
– Oh no! You suddenly need to stop moving (due to a medical event etc.) 9km into the course. You’re 7km from a road.
– Medical staff arrive at your location and your medical event is assessed. You won’t be able to continue on your own steam. The mountain weather is bad – there’s no possibility of being airlifted off the event course.
– A Stretcher Carry team is mobilised and you now realise you may need to be stationery for a number of hours, 1600m above sea level in adverse mountain conditions.
– You reach into your bag and pull out your jacket….
– Imagine yourself sitting on a rock right now…. What would be running through your head? If the answer is not, “I’m soooooo glad I have this jacket in my bag” then please revisit your jacket selection for this event.