The Big Kid

What’s this Big Kid number?

The Big Kid – No Kidding! Is a very groovy and grunty 18km alpine adventure run starting in Horopito near Smash Palace (made famous in the movies Goodbye Pork Pie & namesake Smash Palace) and heading up to the start of the Mangaturuturu Track to the hut to join the main Goat course for the last 3km up the magnificent Cascades Waterfall, Mama’s Mile where if you’re not crying out for your mama you’re not going hard enough – up to the finish at Turoa Ski Area.

How do you compare the Big Kid with the Goat Tongariro?
– The Big Kid is 2km shorter and a couple of notches off the toughness & technical scale of the Goat but is still a very challenging, yet achievable alpine adventure run.
– The key difference is while the Goat Tongariro destroys you with approx 1200m of ascent and 1200m of descent, the Big Kid provides plenty of up (approx 1050m) but only approx 200m of descent. The Big Kid ultimately punishes the legs a little less. See the event profile comparisons below

Big Kid Profile.

vs Goat Tongariro Profile

This event was last staged during the tenth anniversary event in 2013 (as a 16km event) to accommodate the over demand for the Goat with only 600 places available. It’s an awesome way to still participate, build up for the Goat and join the party and anniversary celebrations and get some bling including a special edition finishers medal and your own pair of Big Kid performance running socks. There will be 300 entries available for The Big Kid and there will be 99 early bird entries available at $99.00 (standard entry $135.00) at 9.30am on Sunday 1st July.

Event Information

Preliminary start time set for 7.30am & via three self seeded waves approximately 5 mins apart.

Course Map

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